Euroins Joins The Stolen Vehicles Committee Of Centro Zaragoza

Euroins Insurance Group (EIG), one of the largest independent groups operating in the central insurance markets, has joined the Abducted Vehicles Committee of the Centro Zaragoza automobile research center, which is participated by 19 insurance entities.

The Committee on Stolen Vehicles is one of the advisory bodies of the research center. Its main objective is to promote, promote and encourage the recovery of stolen vehicles and fight against the illicit traffic of vehicles worldwide with the consequent social and economic repercussions that it entails for Spanish insurance companies.

The EIG group, based in Sofia and created in 1998, operates in 14 European countries and has more than 10% market share in Bulgaria, Romania and North Macedonia. Since 2008, Euroins has been operating in the Spanish insurance market.

EIG’s adhesion is perceived as a unique element of personality, given the interaction it has with the police and government authorities of the Eastern countries, which will make it possible to enhance the location and recovery services provided by the Department of Stolen Vehicles of Centro Zaragoza. to the entities that are part of the Committee, especially in the international arena.

EIG offers auto insurance through broker intermediaries and is authorized by the DGSFP to work under the freedom of service regime. However, it plans to soon expand its activities in the Spanish insurance market with new products and sales channels.

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