Man Kills Five People in Bow Out Norwegian

A man armed with a bow and arrows has killed five people and injured two others, one of them a policeman, in the Norwegian municipality of Kongsberg, in the south-east of the country, according to Norwegian police.

The aggressor is a 37-year-old Danish resident in the Norwegian city, according to information from public television Nrk, which refers to police sources. He is in custody, but has not yet been questioned, so the police do not want to speculate on his motives.

He was taken to the police station in the neighboring town of Drammen. According to the tabloid ‘VG’, the Norwegian intelligence services (PST) have been informed of the facts, although at the moment the police consider that it is too early to know if it is a terrorist act.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that there are several injured and also, unfortunately, several deaths,” √ėyvind Aas, a local police official, told a news conference.

“The man who committed this act was detained by the police and, as far as we know, there is only one person involved,” he added. According to the police, the individual went through various areas of the center of the town with 26,000 inhabitants.

Attacking people before being arrested and not all the attacks on people were carried out with arrows. The public network NRK has shown on its website a photo sent by a witness in which a black arrow is seen stuck in a wall.

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