Requirements To Send Or Receive Money Abroad Using Bizum

Payments through Bizum have become so popular in Spain that, just when the telematic payment company turns five years old, 18 million users are already enjoying its service. A way to get money instantly that, however, does not yet have a great international expansion .

With a service that has radically changed the way of dealing with payments in Spain, to the point that there are already many companies that accept a ‘bizum’ as a means of receiving money , the company that has managed to unite all banks still has a long way to go abroad .

Of course, allowing operations to be carried out in any international territory , the key to Bizum is that it operates from national accounts, that is, based in Spain. Therefore, it is not enough only to have the corresponding application once you travel abroad, but also to have a Spanish IBAN .

The telephone number or the sending or receiving country does not matter as long as they are linked to a Spanish account
Therefore, as reflected by the company itself, it does not matter whether the telephone number is Spanish or foreign, as well as whether the operation (both sending and receiving) is in the European Union or outside it. The important thing is that the bank account is ” made in Spain ” ( here you can check the entities that accept to operate with Bizum ), so the payment currency will be in euros .

Once this is clarified, it will only be necessary to fulfill that condition of having an account settled in Spain that is associated with the telephone number to be able to send or receive money with this system. A new very useful form of payment for Erasmus students to receive money from Spain, to make payments from abroad to Spanish companies or NGOs or to make ‘bizums’ between friends in any international destination as if they were being made on national soil.

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