The First Official SuperThings Laser Game Opens At La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

The first official SuperThings Laser Game opens at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. The Torre Outlet Zaragoza houses in its MadLab leisure center the first official SuperThings Laser Game, the fashion brand of the moment and number 1 license in toys in Spain.

This game space recreates the fantastic world of SuperThings in MadLab, so fans of this franchise will have to defeat villains on the streets of Kaboom City.

In addition, this experience can be lived as an independent activity or on the occasion of a birthday celebration, a party in which some of the most recognized characters of the brand will be at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza to take photos with them. Specific,

“For us it is a pride to see children enjoy our creations so much. Behind each character and product there is a lot of work and enthusiasm and to see children, for example, learning the names of the characters because it gives meaning to our work “, explains Virginia Colvée, the brand’s director of International Marketing.

SuperThings is characterized by being an original brand that seeks to offer an innovative experience in the world of leisure and entertainment. “Every six months we launch a new series that brings something new to the visitor,” adds Colvée.

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