Toilet With Vinegar in Less Than Minute Formula Launched

Cleaning the toilet is important, since dust and some other hair tend to accumulate, but disinfection is just as or more important , especially with covid-19 on the order of the day. Both at home and away from home, the toilet is one of the places that we need to be cleaner in order to be comfortable while we do our business.

Although most of us use chemical products to disinfect it, there are also home remedies to make it shiny and free of bacteria. To make the task a little easier, here’s a trick so you can clean it up in less than a minute .

In addition to bleach, there are other effective cleaning products to add to our cleaning rack to combat toilet grime and bacteria , even when yellow. And with a product that is usually in all kitchens vinegar.

This not only cleans and fights bad odors, but it is a very effective disinfectant without the need to use chemicals. It is also an inexpensive product that can be found in any supermarket.

For the result to be perfect, we have to heat a glass of vinegar and mix it with baking soda and iodine . This mixture has to be poured inside the toilet, leaving a little to be able to rub the outside with a cloth. The product can also be left on overnight for greater effectiveness.

Although it is a cumbersome task for many, it should be done daily to avoid infections.

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