Universities Open In Public Hearing The Royal Decree On The Homologations Of Qualifications

The Ministry of Universities published this Wednesday for its public hearing procedure the Royal Decree of homologation, declaration of equivalences and validation of university teachings from foreign educational systems.

According to the department headed by Manuel Castells, the measures that this decree wants to implement go in two directions: digitization and streamlining of procedures . A simplification of administrative procedures that maintain quality and controls but that are useful for all those who have to carry out a homologation or equivalency procedure. Among the main objectives of this decree is to promote the reduction in the processing of resolutions up to 6 months.

The norm establishes maximum terms for each of the procedures in the procedure. In the case of applications for homologation of a foreign degree to an official Spanish university degree that allows access to the exercise of a regulated profession, it will be necessary to request a report from the Professional Associations , which will have a maximum period of 10 days to issue it.

Likewise, the technical and binding reports that will be issued by the Commission for Technical Analysis of Approvals and Declaration of Equivalences must be issued within a maximum of two months.

In addition, in relation to the procedure for the validation of foreign university studies, a maximum period of two months is established for the resolution of the same by the universities.

Likewise, it provides for the creation of the Commission for Technical Analysis of Homologations and Declaration of Equivalences, in order to speed up the resolution of the homologation and declaration of equivalence procedures.

In addition, the committee may request non-binding reports on the academic and / or professional knowledge and skills of the degrees from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (Aneca), as well as from university faculty or expert professionals.

This royal decree establishes that all the formalities of the homologation and declaration of equivalences procedures will be carried out electronically .

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