Catalan Businessmen Take The Initiative In The Face Of Political Inaction

The Catalan business community has traditionally been reluctant to issue political evaluations , but in recent years critical voices related to the economic damage of the procés have been appearing , and this week the deep accumulated indignation, reflected in the opinion note of the Circle of Economy that warned of the lack of a long-term prosperity project agreed upon by both the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council which, according to the text, risks everyone’s future and may lead to ” a spiral of economic irrelevance , of slow but inexorable decline “in Catalonia.

The stoppage of the Barcelona Airport expansion due to political interests and disagreements has been the last straw, but it adds to other obstacles pointed out by the economic sector and that go beyond the disagreement on specific policies, and that affects that, in many cases, the main problem is that there is no political action, and what there is is applied without consensus and varies as quickly as the balances of power change.

Faced with this situation, the Catalan economic sector does not limit itself to raising its voice against obstacles to its activity, but rather makes proposals. It is done by the Círculo de Economía as well as the Foment del Treball and Pimec employers’ associations, very active with Josep Sánchez Llibre and Antoni Cañete at the helm, respectively.

The Barcelona Global association also joins the propositional speech, which next week, for example, will make public ideas for Barcelona’s tourism model in the post-pandemic, as elEconomista has learned .

However, according to conversations with this newspaper, from the business sector they regret that they do not find an answer in public administrations , which turn a deaf ear to their ideas and requests on major issues, such as taxation, infrastructure, housing and mobility. They regret that the political focus is centered on ideological debates, and the proclamations on the recovery do not take into account the actors who should promote it.

Pimec affected the damage of raising the contributions to the self-employed

Yesterday, Foment del Treball insisted on the request that the General State Budgets include tax cuts for citizens and companies to promote post-pandemic reactivation, and Pimec affected the detriment of raising contributions to the self-employed.

Pimec also asked the Generalitat to address the debate on the use of the Covid passport to facilitate the management of presenquality in the workplace after the lifting of restrictions due to the pandemic, as other countries have done.

Meanwhile, the statements of Catalan political leaders yesterday focused on the anniversary of the execution of former Catalan president Lluís Companys and on criticism of the Court of Accounts.

Likewise, the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, did not attend this Friday the delivery of the 70th Planeta Prize in Barcelona, ​​presided over by the Kings, in an edition in which the novel award has become the best gifted in the world , with one million euros for the winner, as announced on Thursday by the publishing group, which was one of those that moved its headquarters in 2017 due to the process.

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