Santander Offers 1.5% With Its Dividend From November 2

On September 28, Santander announced its dividend in charge of 2021 . The entity will distribute 1,700 million – 40% of the ordinary profit at the end of the first semester – of which 50% will be paid in cash (for 0.0485 euros per share) and the other half will be used to buy back shares.

The announcement came just a couple of days before the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that it was lifting the ban on banking dividends. Check here the calendar of the next dividends.

Those 0.048 euros will be paid by Santander on November 2, and the profitability of the payment is around 1.5% . Investors who do not yet have securities of the entity in their portfolio can buy them until next October 28 (on October 29 they will be listed without the right to the dividend).

Fleetingly the second of the Ibex
Much has changed the perception of the financial securities market in a 2021 marked by the recovery of the financial industry in the second year of the pandemic. Last week, Santander surpassed Iberdrola in market value for the first time in 20 months – something that it no longer does today – and temporarily placed itself as the second highest value of the Ibex by capitalization. In 2021, the bank’s securities are among the most bullish in the index, revaluing practically 33% on the market (while the electricity company yields almost 20%).

Santander shares have, on the other hand, the endorsement of the market consensus analysts that FactSet collects: they recovered the buy recommendation – which they had not seen since the Covid crash in the spring of 2020 – at the beginning of last month of July.

This guarantee supports their incorporation into the EcoDividendo – elEconomista’s strategy that collects the most attractive upcoming payments on the Spanish stock market. The entity chaired by Ana Botín takes over from BBVA.

CAF: long-haul purchase
The other entry into the portfolio of the EcoDividendo from next week the CAF will star . The train manufacturer also comes in with the favor of analysts, who grant it a long-haul buy: it has worn it uninterruptedly since May 2017 . There are 13 entities that follow the value.

The company based in Beasáin (Guipúzcoa) has already confirmed its next dividend, which will wait until January 13. It will distribute 0.40 euros per share among its shareholders, which at current prices allow them to pocket 1.1%.

On the other hand, the Socimi Lar España announced this Friday the end of its third share buy-back program , in which the company itself has acquired almost 4 million shares for subsequent redemption. This is the group’s third share buyback program. This is another form of shareholder remuneration, since, by reducing the number of shares in circulation, each shareholder sees their share of capital increase.

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