Simple One Electric Scooter Caught in Fire

As the electric vehicle (EV) industry awaits new government quality-centric guidelines, another e-scooter belonging to Simple One into flames in Rajasthan.

The fire incident occurred at a house in Raj Society in district on Thursday when the Simple One was being charged, as seen in a video that went viral on social media.

Electric Scooter Erupts In Flames In Rajasthan As well Govt Committee Inquires Into Accidents, Most of the customers of simple one are worried about their bike may be next in terms of fire accident.

However, this is not the first time it has taken a dig at EV critics on social media. He had earlier also indulged in a war of words with several people on Twitter.

The company is totally new in india and this incidents will surely make it to loose the customer base and business in india which will end up with no service centers for the existing bike owners

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